Thursday, 30 April 2009

Case study

Hollyoaks shows on channel 4 at 6:30pm every weekday and an omnibus at 11:30am on sundays and, an episode on E4 straight after the one on channel 4. The soap first broadcasted on the 23rd October 1995, it was created by Phil Redmond and its production company is Mersey Television. The highest rating it ever got was on Tuesday 14 October 2008 with over 1.3million viewers. It's audience are young youth up to the age of 30. A critic reviewed and said "It is growing from strength to strength and eventually gaining the respect of the British public".

Holloaks is set around the fictional suburb of Chester which is north of England, with the characters been from their late teens to their late thirties. The storylines are based on serious life issues so viewers can relate to it.

This is the soap i am going to research about

Television Drama Project 3

A full thorough, beautifully presented research and planning and/ or a thorough, detailed research and planning blog.
A textual analysis essay, analysing television drama programme.
A story board for the title sequence for your own, original television drama programme.